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USD – Fed announces another 0.75 percentage point increase in interest rates JPY – BOJ keeps ultra-low rates, dovish policy guidance CHF – The Swiss National Bank raises interest rates

24-year low for the Japanese yen The Bank of Japan kept its benchmark rate for short-term borrowing at -0.1%. The decision was made shortly after the US announced a 75

Fed announces another 0.75 percentage point increase in interest rates and promises more increases in the future to combat inflation. Since the early 1980s, inflation has been rising and the

The Federal Reserve is considering raising interest rates by 75 basis points during its September 2022 meeting, marking the third consecutive three-quarter point increase, increasing borrowing costs to the 3%-3.25%

Euro at 20-Year Lows

The euro continued losses below the $1 parity level, holding near its lowest level since 2002 after Russian President Vladimir Putin declared a partial military mobilization in Russia, which the

Asian stock markets fell on Wednesday, mirroring Wall Street’s overnight losses, as investors awaited an interest rate hike and additional aggressive signals from the Federal Reserve. In anticipation of the

Market Wrap

A Financial Market Tumbling based on Putin Speech – “Russia president Putin announces partial military mobilization” Putin’s Words put more pressure on the European region, Hedge Traders focus on USD

In a “60 Minutes” interview with CBS that aired Sunday evening, President Biden proclaimed the COVID-19 outbreak “over.”“The pandemic is over,”Biden told CBS News’s, Scott Pelley. “COVID is still a

The USD/CAD pair continues its strong breakthrough momentum from last week. The momentum pushedSpot prices rose above the 1.3300 barriers to their highest level since November 2020.

Prominent Central banks like the federal reserve, the bank of England, and the bank of Japan will make interest rate decisions next week. In addition, the spotlight will be on

As the focus has switched to BOJ policy, the EUR/ JP has been sideways around 143.00. the Yen’s depreciation will require the BOJ to take a neutral stand on monetary

On Monday China’s Yuan fell further below critical levels following a fresh monetary easing in the country.While broader Asian currencies fell ahead of the federal reserve meeting this week.The central

Crude Oil

The currency rate between Canada and the United States is frequently highly connected with the price of oil.when the price of oil rises in the long run the value of

Commodities are weighing on the currency which is falling due to growth fears as risk aversion overtook markets, the Australian dollar felt to its lowest level since the early days

USD/ CAD has virtually doubled in the last two years. The loonie would end this week down more than 2%. A negative attitude weighed on risky currencies such as the

The USD/ JPY is expected to end the week up 0.25%. On a daily basis, the USD/JPY is trading sideways. Japanese intervention in the currency market looms. The USD/JPY Is

Technical Analysis

USDJPY from Jan 2021 started the horse ride at 102.50 and touched the peak 143.50 around 4100 pips up and still holding its support. Expected strong resistance at 146.50 and

The GBP/USD pair is under strong selling pressure on Friday after extending a sharp retracement slide from US CPI to two-week highs. A second consecutive day of negative movement –

The World Bank informs the world that it may be heading towards a global recession because central banks all over the world have been increasing interest rates as a way

The strong US dollar has already gained 15% against a basket of currencies fed fund futures now show a 25% possibility of a 100 basis points increase at the next