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Gold and silver are flat leading into the European open


The significant decline that has been acquired on Tuesday in gold and silver prices is now on hold heading to European start. Copper, 0.3%, is the only other component of the commodities complex that is trading higher, while spot WTI, 0.64%, is trading down following the sell-off on Wall Street indexes in the Asia-Pacific region, which experienced a decline. All three indices were red by the end of the day.
The Nikkei 225 (-2.74%), the ASX (-2.58), and the Shanghai Composite (-0.71%).
Additionally, pessimistic cash flow projections are being made by future trading in Europe. The overnight performance of the currency market was choppy after an intervention by the central bank. The USD/JPY exchange rate experienced the largest percent change, 0.64%. The Bitcoin to US dollar exchange rate currently stands at $20,315.