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FED Hikes Rates as Expected

Fed announces another 0.75 percentage point increase in interest rates and promises more increases in the future to combat inflation. Since the early 1980s, inflation has been rising and the central bank has been working to reduce it. Fed representatives indicated that they plan to keep raising rates until the funds level reaches a “terminal rate,” or endpoint, of 4.6%… Read More »FED Hikes Rates as Expected

Fed expected to Hike Rates by 75bps for 3rd Time

The Federal Reserve is considering raising interest rates by 75 basis points during its September 2022 meeting, marking the third consecutive three-quarter point increase, increasing borrowing costs to the 3%-3.25% range, the highest since 2008. Some economists believe the Fed will raise interest rates even more. Simultaneously, the so-called dot plot is predicted to show that interest rates will likely… Read More »Fed expected to Hike Rates by 75bps for 3rd Time